Riding/Walking Alone For Thousands Of Miles

The Powell & Market tram featured in one of the Silent Camera videos: Riding/Walking Alone For Thousands Of Miles. San Francisco, CA

This video shows a journey aboard one of San Francisco’s Cable Cars earlier this month while visiting the city. The route the tram(cable car) follows is Powell- Hyde’s. Then the camera walks along the streets of downtown San Francisco(close to Union Square) observing different things happening at the same time. All the music in this… Continue reading Riding/Walking Alone For Thousands Of Miles

Day 14: Walking Palm Springs, CA

It was sunny, 75 degrees. The sky was amazingly blue. Many Harley Davidsons and antique cars on the street. I walked along South Palm Canyon Drive gazing at the plants, cars, bikes…Depressed that I will be going back to snow in two days, that did not prevent me from capturing the beauty of the town!